Site Concrete

John Rohrer Contracting Company can perform all site concrete requirements for a project including; curb and gutter, concrete paving, sidewalks, and decorative concrete sidewalks.


Precision foundation layout using state-of-the-art total station equipment, coupled with accurate installation of anchor bolts, provides for uninterrupted erection of structural building elements.

Tilt-Up Construction

Job cast wall panels that are tilted into place provide an economical and time saving alternative to pre-cast concrete wall panels.

Structural Concrete

John Rohrer Contracting Company is experienced in performing concrete structural frame projects using the latest forming and concrete placement techniques, in order to rapidly cycle floors.


John Rohrer Contracting Company can provide a complete slab-on-grade scope of work, from subgrade preparation, to formwork, reinforcement, placement, finishing, curing and jointing.

Industrial Flooring

High Tolerance & Super-flat Floors

  • Random Traffic Tolerance- F F ¬† and F L
  • Defined Traffic Tolerance – F MIN

Monolithic Trap Rock Hardened Floors

  • Abrasion Resistant and Durable
  • Burnished Finish Polished To A Shine

Deferred Trap Rock Topping Floors

  • Heavy Duty Topping
  • Used To Resurface a Worn Floor

Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Floors

  • Up To 70% Fewer Floor Joints
  • Fewer Floor Joints Equals
    Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Compensates For Dry Shrinkage